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Senior Boys Basketball

Congratulations to the Senior Boys Basketball Team for winning their fourth consecutive P.R.S.S.A.A. Championship. The team defeated L’Escale 41-37 in the final. The Falcons represented P.R.S.S.A.A. at the E.O.S.S.A.A. Championships for the sixth consecutive year. Although the team went 0-2 at the tournament, they competing very well losing to the eventual champions by only 7 points. A HUGE thank you to Zach Barber who will be graduating this year. Zach finishes his career with the Falcons as a 3 time P.R.S.S.A.A. Champ, 3 time E.O.S.S.A.A. participant and one O.F.S.S.A.A. tournament experience. The team would like to thank him and his family for all of the sacrifices, time and hard work they have given to the program.




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