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March 2015 Newsletter


All Grade 10 students as well as some Grade 11 & 12 students, will be writing the OSSLT on Thursday, March 26th. Grade 9 students will also be writing an online prep-test to prepare them for the test next year.


The hospitality and tourism program has already been hard at work this semester, by preparing to showcase the program at our annual Open House. Students not only prepared and served all the spaghetti, but also baked, packaged and sold a variety of treats at a very successful bake sale. Future Falcons were welcomed into the classroom with the scent of freshly baked spice cookies which they were able to decorate and eat.

In other news, the program has also received a donation of two KitchenAid stand mixers from the Healthy Eating for Better Learning program. The mixers are going to be used weekly to prepare baked goods for our 7/8 breakfast club.

Donations of ingredients such as butter, chocolate chips, oats, milk, eggs, meat and poultry would be gratefully accepted. We are also on the hunt for storage containers of all sizes, especially large Rubbermaid style containers and large peanut butter jars.

Coming soon: Baked Goods special orders – choose an item from our “menu” and we’ll bake it up and send it home!

Watch the newsletter and website for more announcements about what else we’re up to!



Mr. Pankiewicz’s grade 9 music students are the future of St. FX Music!  These 54 talented and keen musicians are progressing rapidly in their method book and will soon be learning concert material. Most of them will be visiting the University of Ottawa on Wed, March 4th to attend clinics run by the Faculty of Music students.  You’ll be able to hear the Grade 9 Concert Band at the Summer Concert on Thursday, June 11th in Rockland!

Mr. P’s Jazz Band has an official name, “THE SWAMP.”  Mr. P has been given the nickname “Shrek” All the students have nicknames as well.   This 41 member “jazz orchestra” is studying some pretty intense tunes including hits from Dizzy Gillespie, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis and Charles Mingus.  They are also working on a pretty impressive version of the “Family Guy” theme. The band already had their first performance at the St. FX Open House.  They performed Livin’ La Vida Loca and Autumn Leaves.  In June, this ensemble will tour our feeder schools and is also playing in the Summer Concert.

The Washington D.C/Philadelphia/Baltimore Music Appreciation Trip is just a little over two months away!  There will be so many opportunities to experience the arts in these major U.S. cities.  Students are reminded that their last deposit is due April 1st!  Make sure Mr. P has a photocopy of your passport!


Congratulations to the Senior Boys Basketball Team for winning their fourth consecutive P.R.S.S.A.A. Championship. The team defeated L’Escale 41-37 in the final.  The Falcons represented P.R.S.S.A.A. at the E.O.S.S.A.A. Championships for the sixth consecutive year.  Although the team went 0-2 at the tournament, they competed very well losing to the eventual champions by only 7 points.  A HUGE thank you to Zach Barber who will be graduating this year. Zach finishes his career with the Falcons as a 3 time P.R.S.S.A.A. Champ, 3 time E.O.S.S.A.A. participant and one O.F.S.S.A.A. tournament experience.  The team would like to thank him and his family for all of the sacrifices, time and hard work they have given to the program.



Once again, StFX is sending four students and our SSW, Mrs. Bourdon, on the Board-wide Guatemala Mission Trip over the March Break. We wish all students on the trip, a safe and fulfilling experience.



A huge thank you goes out to the following students who participated in the MS Read-A-Thon this year. Together, this group of dedicated 7/8 students raised $ 540.00 to help find a cure for multiple sclerosis!!

Logan MacDonald**Top Fundraiser**               

Kaitlyn Wahler                                   Alex Lavoie

Victoria Oldford                                Tyler Wardle

Olivia McCombe                               Alyssa Standen

Brianna Standen                               Tobey Leveille

student trustee march 2015 trustee march 2015

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