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Grad Awards & Bursaries

Due to COVID-19 Bursary requests went out later than they normally would and have a date of September to be sent back to the school. Bursaries will not be handed out until graduation therefore they can be used for second semester of university or college courses.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please note that online classroom Teams’ pages will be archived for the summer months and will be inaccessible after Friday, June 26th as this school year comes to a close. Should you wish to explore learning activities during the summer, we invite you to visit the CDSBEO website section for distance learning. You will find a variety of rich learning resources and activities, both plugged and unplugged:



You can also access the CDSBEO website to find support and resources for Mental Health:



We wish you a safe and healthy summer.

Report Card Access

Dear STFX families,

As early as Friday, June 26, you will be sent an electronic copy of your child’s final report card in a password protected pdf format, via SchoolMessenger SecureFile. The report card will be sent to the email address on file.

To access the report card file sent to you, you will be required to enter your child’s date of birth as the password when you open the file. Please be sure to enter it as YYYYMMDD.

We appreciate your ongoing patience as we navigate these unprecedented times.

Bravo Breakfast Winners

Each year, 2 students from StFX (one in 7/8 and one in highschool) are recognized for their  contributions, achievements, and successes. The Bravo Breakfast Awards provide a public forum to honour these students for their ongoing contribution to our school system, and their Catholic communities. The awards commend the unsung heroes in our schools who make a significant and positive contribution to the life of their school. These students contribute to creating a positive environment for their peers.


Grace Pereira is an outstanding grade 8 student. Since grade 7, she has been a positive role model with her peers and has willingly assumed various leadership roles at St. FX.  Grace contributes to the school community in various organized groups and volunteer positions such as the SHOUT team, as well as several sports teams. She often goes above and beyond with her willingness to volunteer, offering to help her peers and teachers when needed. Grace continues to make significant contributions to our school community and is truly an unsung hero.

Over the past 2 years, Grace has continually demonstrated a high level of compassion, selflessness, and resilience.  She always has a positive outlook, a smile on her face, and is an altuistic giver, who supports the learning of her peers and takes on a leadership role in her classes.

Grace embraces the Board theme of ‘Be Holy’ as her thoughts are guided by the desire to help others.  She willingly and without hesitation helps her teachers and peers when she sees that they are in need. Grace demonstrates kindness and compassion for those around her.  She is truly a positive role model for her peers.

In all, Grace is driven by a desire to help others and has done so while simultaneously joining a new school community.  Grace fits in easily with peers as a result of her positive attitude and friendliness.

She is hard working, perseveres in schoolwork, and is kind and respectful to classmates and teachers.  Grace embodies the Board theme of ‘Be Holy’ through her own personal journey and her commitment to being a Good Samaritan.

Riley is always smiling.  Her positivity is infectious as she tries to brighten everyone’s day.  She is so giving, that she will help anyone who needs it, even if it means giving them something she has and needs.  She is always polite, respectful, cheerful, a dedicated student who strives to achieve academic excellence.

Riley’s character is best described by the role she plays with the St Francis Xavier Hospitality and Tourism program.  In this program of over 80 students, Riley works behind the scenes to make sure that each event is successful.  She also recognizes that a significant amount of the team’s work occurs after the event with clean up and break down.  It is here that Riley shines, as she gives in any way she can and seeks out ways to support the school. She is always ready and willing to support in the Hospitality class by ensuring that some of the less popular tasks, such as dishes, are completed.   Importantly, Riley does this whether it is during her class time, or she just because she wants to be helpful.

Riley is also our most reliable student handler for the school’s therapy dog, Pepper, and is always willing to help set up, and provide audio-visual support for Mass or other school presentations.

Riley is always willing to help those in need and has joined the SHOUT team this year, which focusses on social justice and fundraising to help others in the school, local, and global communities.  Riley is also an original member of the St FX Blanket Exercise Team, who brings First Nations teachings to our school and schools in our area. She does an amazing job with with this exercise and is a team player.

Ultimately, Riley’s interests are not for her own personal acclaim but to provide the setting and supports that allow others to succeed and reach greater heights. As such, in all of these roles, Riley does not seek attention for her good deeds or recognize that she often goes above and beyond expectations.  Riley sees them as standards that all should meet.  She is a reliable, polite young woman who consistently treats others with great care and respect.  Riley embodies the Board theme of “Be Holy”, through her collaborative spirit, sincere dedication, and quiet leadership; all are gifts to her peers and the St Francis Xavier community as a whole!  Bravo, Riley!

2019-2020 Athletic Awards

Congratulations to our incredible Athletes!

End of Year Message

Dear St. FX Students and Families,
As the 2019-2020 school year draws to a close, we thank you for showing resilience during these uncertain times. We appreciate the effort and support given to your child(ren) during Distance Learning. Please note the student academic and athletic award winners for this year will be acknowledged in the fall. Beginning Friday, report cards will be sent out electronically to parents’ email addresses. If you did not receive an email, please call the school, as secretaries will be answering the phones throughout the summer months.
A special farewell to our grads. We wish you tremendous success and happiness, as you begin the next chapter in your lives. You will be greatly missed.
We wish everyone a safe and rejuvenating summer season, and we look forward to welcoming you back to St. FX in September.

Messages for Class of 2020

2018-2019 Academic Awards

The 2018-2019 Academic awards have gone virtual.

Community Service



Students graduating in June 2020, are not required to complete 40 hours of community service. Community service hours that have been completed will be recorded on the report cards of graduating students.


All high school students from grades 9-11 (including students who are completing grade 8 in June 2020) are encouraged to continue to accumulate community involvement hours this summer, provided they meet safety recommendations set out by local health authorities (EOHU and Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit). 


We understand that some volunteer opportunities may not be available this summer, so we encourage you to think about creative ways to support the community that do not put you or others at risk. This may include volunteer activities that can be completed at home or online. Some examples of possible activities include:


•           A letter-writing campaign to seniors living in a nursing or retirement home

•           Delivering groceries to elderly/immunocompromised neighbours or family members who do not want to go to busy grocery stores

•           Sewing masks to donate to social agencies

•           Virtual tutoring to help students, (including ESL students) practice reading, communication and/or other skills


Students may also visit or contact a charitable organization in their community to explore current volunteer opportunities.


During this time, it may be difficult for students to obtain a signature from their community involvement activity supervisor, so the exception has been made from June to August 2020 to allow a parent or guardian to sign for hours. Students should still include the name and phone number or email address of someone other than a parent who can verify the activity and hours completed. Students are asked to have their Community Involvement Record of activities that are completed over the summer submitted to their school by September 15, 2020. The form can be found at:  


If you have any questions about Community Involvement Hours including whether or not an activity is acceptable, please contact your Guidance Counsellor before June 25th.

Grad Video #2

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