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School Code


Learning, Loving and Growing Together in Christ.

Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, we transform the world with justice and peace through Catholic education.

We proclaim our Catholic faith by nurturing and celebrating the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of our students. Learning through faith, living with hope, loving in Christ. Teaching wisdom, teaching love creating a world in God’s image.
Students will:
  1. Be on time for class.
  2. Come to class prepared to work. Bring appropriate texts and materials.
  3. Pay attention in class.
  4. Listen and follow instructions. (Ask for assistance if required.)
  5. Work diligently on assigned material.
  6. Show respect for peers, staff and visitors by observing the following guidelines:
  1. Allow other people to express their ideas.
  2. Listen attentively before sharing your own ideas.
  3. Raise your hand and be acknowledged by the teacher before speaking.
  4. Allow others their personal space.
  5. Respect property, i.e. take pride in the school, clean up the school, clean up after oneself and others in the school and grounds, report damage to school property, keep lockers neat and tidy, and take care of school texts and library books.
  6. Use respectful language and refrain from the use of derogatory terms.
  7. Keep horseplay out of the school environment.
  8. Know and follow safety regulations.
  1. Complete all work, meeting the expectations outlined.
  2. Work quietly on approved activities when finished with assigned materials.
  3. Take responsibility for the work area and stay there unless granted permission to be elsewhere.
  4. Use class time as learning time (e.g. reserve trips to the washroom and fountain for breaks).
  5. Cooperate with staff requests.
  6. Attempt to deal with interpersonal difficulties in a positive way, and/or ask for help to sort out problems.