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Online Learning During School Hours

This policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for students enrolled in online courses, restricting their access to the library exclusively during regular school hours. The primary objective is to ensure a productive and distraction-free learning environment while maintaining school safety. In the event of an emergency, it is crucial to account for all students participating in online courses during the day.


Section 1: Library Access Procedure


1.1. Location: All students enrolled in online courses during school hours must choose the library as their designated location for online learning during that class period.


Section 2: Behaviour Expectations


2.1. No Hallway Walks: Students are not permitted to walk the hallways during class time unless they have a legitimate reason and receive prior approval from school staff.


2.2. Quiet and Respectful Behaviour: Students are expected to maintain quiet and respectful while in the library to minimize disruptions to others.


Section 3: Duration


3.1. Staying in the Library: Students must remain in the library until the end of the class period, as indicated by the bell marking the end of class.


By adhering to this policy, students can engage effectively in their online courses while maintaining a structured and respectful environment to help them be successful academically.