Guidance » 7-8 REGISTRATIONS


Gr. 7 & 8 Registration Info

Please use the checklist below to gather all necessary forms and documents:
  • Registration Form Completed
  • French Program Form Completed 
  • Parental Consent for Release of Information *
  • Allergy/Medical Alert Form Completed (if applicable) 
  • Direction of School Support - Follow Link 
  • Use of Student Information and Image Form Completed 
  • Separate School Support Lease (If applicable) 
  • COPY OF: Most recent Report Card 
  • COPY OF: Special Education/Resource Reports/IEP (if applicable) 
  • COPY OF: Birth Certificate  
  • COPY OF: Hydro Bill OR Phone Bill OR Property Tax Bill 
  • COPY OF: Baptismal Certificate (Student/Parent) or Request for non-Catholic *
  • COPY OF: IPRC (if applicable) 
  • COPY OF: Custody Documentation (if applicable) *


For more Grade 7 & 8 Registration information, please call the school at (613) 487-2913 or email
Ashley Burns at [email protected] 
You can also check out the CDSBEO Registration page at
  1. Registrations are not considered complete until all forms and documents have been received and our administration has signed them. Parents will be notified of a decision by phone.
  2. All Non-Catholic Registrations for Grades 7 and 8 must be approved by our school board and will be reviewed in the order they are submitted. 
*Parental Consent for Release of Information
  • Authorizing your child's current school to release information to and obtain information from St. Francis Xavier CHS
*Admission of Non-Catholic Students
  • If your child has not been baptized Catholic, please review Administrative Procedure 206 – Admission of Students for information on registration. Children who are baptized Catholic, or have a parent who is Catholic, are automatically eligible for registration in their local CDSBEO school.
*Custody Documentation
  • In the event that custodial parents are not together and there is a custody agreement in place, a copy is required for the student's file.
  • In the absence of a custody agreement, both parents will be required to sign and date the registration form.