Guidance » 9-12 REGISTRATIONS


Gr. 9-12 Registration Info

Please use the checklist below to gather all necessary forms and documents:

  • - Registration Form Completed
  • - Parental Consent for Release of Information *
  • - Allergy/Medical Alert Form Completed (if applicable) 
  • - School Support Designation - Follow Link 
  • - Use of Student Information and Image Form Completed 
  • - Separate School Support Lease (If applicable) 
  • - COPY OF: Most recent Report Card 
  • - COPY OF: Most recent Transcript 
  • - COPY OF: Special Education/Resource Reports/IEP (if applicable) 
  • - COPY OF: Birth Certificate 
  • - COPY OF: Hydro Bill OR Phone Bill OR Property Tax Bill 
  • - COPY OF: IPRC (if applicable) 
  • - COPY OF: Custody Documentation (if applicable) *
For more High School Registration information, please call the school at (613) 487-2913 or email Ashley Burns at [email protected] 
Registrations are not considered complete until all forms and documents have been received and our administration has signed them. Parents will be notified of a decision by phone.
*Parental Consent for Release of Information
  •  Authorizing your child's current school to release information to and obtain information from St. Francis Xavier CHS
*Custody Documentation
  • In the event that custodial parents are not together and there is a custody agreement in place, a copy is required for the student's file.
  • In the absence of a custody agreement, both parents will be required to sign and date the registration form.