E-Waste Information for Falcon Festival - Sept 16th

What is accepted:

  • Any kind of electronic, wiring, scrap metal and batteries can be recycled. Basically anything that has or had a cord or takes batteries to operate is considered an electronic. Wiring does not have to be attached
  • Small appliances can also be recycled (microwaves, kettles, toaster ovens etc)

Benefits of recycling:

  • Prevent e-waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet.
  • Recover and recycle resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources.
  • Ensure the safe and secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware.
  • Protect health and safety of workers and handlers.
  • Divert e-waste from Canadian landfills.

Learn more at www.recycleMYelectronics.ca